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Carpet and hardwood selection guides demystify what's underfoot

NJ Carpet Outlet has taken the mystery out of selecting your flooring with its comprehensive selection guides. They are like having Carpet 101 and Hardwood 101 at your fingertips. Technical and style terms and definitions are clearly explained and illustrated to boost your confidence. After reading the selection guides you'll be able to describe clearly the flooring you are seeking.

Carpet selection guide

The materials and components of carpet structure vary with the type. Three carpets that look alike may have different care and wear characteristics. This is why having a working knowledge of carpeting will help you make an informed choice when selecting your carpet.

For instance, it describes and defines what "density" means in reference to carpet. In addition carpet terms such as gauge and pitch are defined before discussing gauge. Styles such as Frieze (free-say) are defined and the best part is that illustrations supplement the prose.



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Hardwood selection guide

Advancements in wood flooring have extended its use to all areas of the home or business. The two types, solid and engineered are discussed and illustrated in detail. The same goes for the different type of hardwood finishes such as contemporary.

Selection guides: No quizzes just plenty of flooring

No one in our store is going to test you on the guides' content. Think of it as similar to traveling to a foreign country that doesn't speak your native language, isn't it more comfortable if you can speak a few of their words?

Fortunately, you don't have to go overseas to speak about your flooring. You're in luck, because if you are in Hazlet, Aberdeen Township, Keyport, Union Beach or Middletown please come and test out your new words. And using the selection guide as a primer, buy some flooring from NJ Carpet Outlet while you're at it!