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Important carpet FAQs for your new flooring

When you choose carpet, it is usually because you already know enough to want this soft, durable luxury in your own home. However, we know that this flooring line comes with many questions, and we would like to answer some of them for you. Below, you will find a few most frequently asked questions, and yours might be one of them.

Is underpadding mandatory for carpeting?

Some homeowners ask about neglecting underpadding, especially if they have chosen exceptionally plush carpeting. However, we advise against this no matter which materials you choose. Not only does this padding add softness and comfort, but it also ensures your flooring will not bunch, bald, or otherwise wear prematurely.

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What is the best way to clean my new carpet?

Vacuuming every day is essential, especially if you have children or pets, and spot cleaning, when necessary, alleviates the possibility of permanent stains. Be sure to use spot cleaners that the manufacturer recommends. Professional cleaning should be scheduled every twelve to eighteen months, more often for busier homes and less often for homes with light traffic.

Can I install my carpeting?

Carpet installation is a very precision-based service that requires precise measurements, cutting, and placement. Furthermore, special tools are required for stretching and seam connection that you might not have in your possession unless you have worked as a professional carpeting installer. It's always best to leave this task to the professionals who not only make your flooring look as it should but can also ensure your warranty is never voided due to a faulty installation.
Carpet FAQ in Red Bank, NJ from NJ Carpet Outlet

Which carpet fiber is best?

While many fibers have excellent attributes, the "best" fiber for your home will be the one that meets all your preferences and requirements. Nylon and polyester are a superb choice for areas that need stain protection and vibrant color, while wool offers an outstanding, all-natural experience. Be sure to discuss all your options when you visit our showroom.

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